How to Upload Sharper HD Photos and Videos to Facebook from your Phone

When you transfer media from your telephone to Facebook from the iOS or Android portable application, the application is designed with cell information amicable settings that essentially diminish the nature of your transfers. It’s perceptible with photographs on the off chance that you have an eye for detail (and you’re taking a gander at them on a major PC screen sometime later), however, it’s past clear with video. Versatile video transferred with the default settings seems as though it was shot with a 2005-time flip telephone. (Simply take a gander at the above correlation in the event that you don’t trust me—that is precisely the same, the Facebook-transferred form on the left.)

Obviously, the low determination setting may be incredible for sharing information, however totally dreadful for quality. Luckily, it’s truly simple to change from the low determination default to the high determination “HD” setting. The main drawback, as you may have as of now deduced, is that you’ll expand your cell information utilisation by transferring the bigger documents.

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How to Enable HD Uploads:

With only a short side trip into the settings menu, you can build the nature of your transfers in negligible minutes. While we’re utilising Facebook for iOS here, you can apply similar changes to Facebook for Android as well. Dispatch the application and select the menu symbol in the lower corner.

  1. Within the menu, select “Settings“.
  2. Within the resulting pop-up menu, select “Account Settings“.
    Enable Sharper, High Resolution Uploads for Facebook Videos and Photos
    Enable Sharper, High Resolution Uploads for Facebook Videos and Photos
  3. Scroll down to “Videos and Photos“, then select it.
  4. Within the “Videos and Photos” menu you’ll see the default state, which is “Upload HD” off for both Video and Photo Settings.
  5. Toggle one or both of the settings on, per your needs.
  6. Now when you upload new content from your mobile device, the resolution of your photos and videos will be higher and your videos won’t look like you shot them a 1990s-era webcam.
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