Uber Free Ride Hack Unlimited Trick

Uber cabs are one of the famous cabs in India. Here I shared the most useful trick to get Uber free ride hack. This is 100% working trick checked in November 2017. You will be very helpful with this uber free rides unlimited trick. In most cases, you will get the cab rides for absolutely free. In some cases, you will get cashback offers. But, in trick, it will help you to get fully free rides for unlimited times.

With this trick you can use only one promo code again and again on the same device, the same account also. This trick will work for Uber Taxi, Uber Go, Uber X, Uber Black, Uber SUV. Why you pay for all times while you have free ride tricks here. Let’s check this trick in detailed view.Uber Free Ride hack

New Uber Free Rides Unlimited Trick – November 2017:

This new trick will help you to get Uber Free Ride Hack Unlimited Trick for free. In this, your registered Uber number will be work as a new unregistered number. So, think of it. You can again use your old used Promo Code again to get Free rides. Isn’t it helpful? Of course, it’s most helpful. You can do this trick again and again to get unlimited free rides.

  1. Download the Uber app – Download Here: Android – IiPhone

  2. Install and Open the app
  3. Click on Forget Password now
  4. Enter your mobile number which is already registered in Uber cabs
  5. Now you will get the Verification OTP. Just enter the OTP number in Uber app
  6. Important Step: Now click on Reset and Clear all history
  7. Now your mobile number is registered as a new user in Uber app
  8. Use your own referral code to get Free Rs.50 for first 3 Rides
  9. That’s all!!! your old account is now registered as a new number. You can again use the Promo Codes you previously used.
  10. Enjoy

First Ride for Free – Uber Coupon Code:

We have brought you the exclusive UBER cab coupon through which you can sign up and get a free ride. The coupon code that we provide is valid across India.

  1. Pick your smartphone and install UBER app from the play store.

  2. Use the referral coupon code to get a free ride. Referral Code: 38yxyue 

  3. Once after a successful signup, you can book your first ride.

Uber Free Ride Hack:

Uber Paytm Unlimited trick is a new trick to get Uber Free rides Unlimited in the uber app. In Uber PayTm trick, you need to have an unregistered mobile number to use in the Uber app. Updated in April 2017

  1. First of all, Download Paytm app – Download HereAndroid – iPhone
  2. Now register new account in Paytm app
  3. Then Add Rs.200 in your paytm wallet (You must add Rs.200 in paytm app)
  4. Register a new account in your Uber app with the number you used for Paytm app
  5. Important Step: Select Payment method as Paytm
  6. While taking the ride just transfer your paytm money to the another paytm account
  7. After that, your paytm balance will be gone in negative
  8. In this trick, you don’t need to pay a single penny.
  9. After the ride throw your paytm and Uber account and register for a new account and use this trick again and again Uber Hack Trick

Uber Hack Unlimted Ride Trick:

This unlimited Uber cabs account trick is working only in Rooted mobiles. So, your mobile must be rooted before using this unlimited uber cabs trick.


Part 1:

  1. First of all, Install all applications listed above
  2. Now open Xposed Installer app then go to Framework
  3. Click on Install/Update
  4. After Update your mobile will be rebooted
  5. Now again go to the Xposed Installer and the  go to Modules
  6. After that Open Root Cloak app
  7. There is a symbol on the screen, Click on the symbol and go to Add/Remove Apps
  8. Find the Uber Cabs app in the list and add it
  9. Open Hide my Root app now
  10. Click on Hide SU Binary

Part 2:

  • Open XPrivacy app
  • Find Uber Cabs app in the list
  • Click on the Uber Cabs app
  • Select the Phone Identification & Location
  • Now go to settings
  • You will see Clear & Randomize Options in it
  • Click on Randomize Option
  • In the Search Button Enter as Mumbai that will set your location as Mumbai
  • Now you can use the Referral code again with new unregistered mobile number
  • After the ride go to settings>>Applications>>Uber Cabs>>Clear Data
  • Then XPrivay app>>Uber Cabs>>Clear Data
  • That’s all!!! you can again use your Uber Cabs app for another registration in the same mobile device Uber Cabs Unlimited Free Rides

This is the Premium Unlimited Uber Free Ride Hack- Updated in October 2017. This trick is shared by my friend. They verified this tricks and working 100% successfully. You can also use this trick to get unlimited Uber Free Ride Hack.

Uber OTP Bypass Tricks 2017:

Download Next Plus app  and  Fake Gps App and Temp Mail App

  1. Change All root parameters as mentioned above for Uber app
  2. Register a new account on Uber App and next plus app
  3. Generate us mobile number in next plus app
  4. Open Temp mail app generate new Email id and use this fake email id on Uber app while registering.
  5. Use Any Indian Mobile Number While Registering in uber app.
  6. After login, close uber app completely and Now open fake gps app and enter ‘BANGKOK’
  7. Now it will ask you to change mobile number than Enter generated Next plus Number
  8. You will recieve call which you will received in next plus app
  9. Dont verify otp just tap 2-3 times to call me again.
  10. Now book yoor cab and it will again ask otp verification, just change mobile number to indian mobile number and you will receive call in next plus app. just verify it and done.
  11. Congrats, You have successfully bypassed Uber otp.
  12. Now book your cab and enjoy free ride from us.
  13. If you are getting Error processing request, then follow above method 1

Note:- This Uber Free Ride Hack trick Guide is for educational purpose only, if you misuse it, then we are not responsible for anything wrong.

Useful Notes:

  • If your device shows the maximum signup error then Just change your device ID with the Device Id changer app Uber Free Rides Unlimited Trick
  • Use Virtual mobile number apps to get unlimited account for uber
  • It’s better to change your device id after taking the ride and before register a new account in uber app
  • You can also use the Parallel space to signup a new account in uber app and Paytm app
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    • The existing trick is also working now.
      We will update this trick if the existing one is not working

  1. Anna..would I have to root my phone for this trick..also can u suggest apps for virtual numbers, device change, etc..

    • For the Paytm Trick you don’t need to jailbreak for the first time
      But if you need to do that trick again and again you need to jailbreak it in order to change device ID, IMEI number

  2. bro ,
    this trick not working now ,
    now after booking paytm will HOLD your 200 rs money , and it cannot be transferred to any other account .
    so, how to save from that

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