Use Twitter Search Tips & Tricks Like a Pro – Part 4

Hey there, this is part 4 post of the technology hack series which is about the Twitter search tips and tricks. I was going the tips and tricks that available on Twitter and found that there is no particular limit for them. They are like the Olympic Rings, that each of them is interlinked with one another. By creating a combination of any two of the tricks will give birth to new one. So the limit is only to your imagination of interconnecting them to get the best results.

Let me bring you the tips and tricks I have prepared for this post, below are them. Hope you have made use of Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of the series for the betterment. The tips and tricks you will coming across today will be related to the attitude, yes you can search tweets which have been posted with a particular feeling. As well as you will also learn how to get to know the latest which may have come through the Twitter Feed.

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Twitter Search Tip: 13

Keyword: (from:thechennaite #BugBounty)

Results: You will be displayed with results of tweets posted by @thechennaite with the hashtag #BugBounty in it.

Tip: 14:

Keyword: “London :(“

Results: You will be displayed with tweets which have the keyword “London” and the sad smiley “:(” with it.

Tip 15:

Keyword: (trekking filter:links)

Results: You will be displayed with tweets posted with two things. One is the keyword “trekking” and URLs attached to them. For ex: A trekking article posted for you to read about the same.

Tip 16:

Keyword: (news source:twitter feed)

Results: Isn’t the keyword so self-explanatory to you. I believe it is. If not then it will get you the latest news retrieved from the twitter feed itself.

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So that’s the end of the post, as mentioned earlier go through all the sixteen mentioned Twitter search tips and tricks. Practice them and eventually, you will find numerous other search keywords based on your intelligence. See you in my next post, until then “Stay happy and spread the smile, help others for no reason”.

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