Use Twitter Search Tips & Tricks Like a Pro – Part 3

Hello Readers, welcome to the Part 3 post on our Twitter Search Tips & Tricks series. Twitter without doubt, it is the leading social networking platform in the world closely following Facebook.
Hope you have gone through the tricks mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2, if not we will provide
a link to them within this post. So read all the Twitter tips mentioned and make use of it to search effectively. As I have given enough introduction towards Twitter and the tips & tricks, I will jump straight into the post and share the information right away without taking much of your time.

Twitter Search Tip 9:

Keyword: (“Vijay TV” near:”Chennai”)
Results: You will get the tweets containing the exact phrase “Vijay TV” and which is sent near “Chennai”. Here Twitter retrieves location based twitter and segregates with the keyword “Vijay TV”.

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Vijay TV

Search Tip 10:

Keyword:(Neduvasal since:2017-02-01) (year-month-day)
Results: You will be displayed with the tweets posted since the given day which contains the keyword “Neduvasal”.

Search Tip 11:

Keyword: (#IndvAus until:2017-03-21)
Results: Hope this tip is self-unexplanatory. This will get you the tweets which have the hashtag #IndvAus mentioned in it and all those posted until the given date.

Until then

Search Tip 12:

Keyword: “Africa -Poverty :)”
Results: You don’t need to include the double quotes, it has been added for explaining purposes only. You will get tweets containing the keyword “Africa” and tweets which do have the keyword “Poverty” and tweets which are posted with a positive attitude which is referring to the “:)” smiley in the search query.

Africa Poverty

So this will mark the end of the Part 3 post, the last and final part of the Twitter search tips & tricks series will be the 4th Part. We are working on bringing you the numerous other technology tips & tricks as well. Will be getting it to you at the earliest, stay tuned. Make use of these articles and support us if you liked it.

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