Use Twitter Search Tips & Tricks Like A Pro – Part 2

Welcome back to the Twitter Search Tips and Tricks series on our blog. This is the 2nd part of the series where I will teach you another set of search hacks. As conveyed earlier, Twitter is one of the leading social networking platform in the world with huge number of active users in it.

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Mastering the search techniques in this platform will boost your productivity to the maximum. Technology has become the part and parcel of our daily life since 1990s. Internet is one common thing helping people around the world to grow their business, knowledge and many other things. Due to this advantage people using this social media get benefited in many ways for their personal and professional life. This Twitter search tip is helpful for everybody as it is not restricted to any individual or organisation. So make use of this series and get the most out of it for your growth.

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Tip 5:
Keyword: (#Entrepreneur)

Results: You will get tweets which contain the hashtag ‘#’ keyword “#Entrepreneur”
Above keyword is a hashtag, click on them basically group all tweets which have this specific hashtag in it.
Similarly you can search for topics of your interests. E.g: #MondayMotivation #BeginnerProgramming

Tip 6:
Keyword: (from:thechennaite)

Results: You will get to see all the tweets by the user @thechennaite. Remember use the twitter handle in the keyword.
Do not use the name, just go with the username as mentioned. E.g: from:Elon musk, from:sirjadeja

Tip 7:
Keyword: (to:elonmusk)

Results: With the search tip, you can view all the tweets sent towards @elonmusk.
If you want to see what tweets your crush is receiving from others publicly then you use “to:YourCrush”.

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Tip 8:
Keyword: (@sirjadeja)

Results: With this search tip, you can view the profile of any users tweet. But remember those tweets should be marked as public.

This is the end of part 2 twitter search tips and tricks. Stay tuned for part 3, coming soon.

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