How to turn off Windows Update in Windows 7/8

In this article we will discuss about the configuration of windows operating system that how to turn off windows update. Windows update is the internal feature in the windows operating systems that will help you to update the patch files and bugs in the existing one. This will help you in someways to increase the performance of the operating systems. But in another way it will use your bandwidth of your internet, that will decrease your internet speed experience. I always recommend you to turn off the windows update feature, because of this update won’t do the big change in the performance. Lemme tell you how to turn off this windows feature….

How to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 7/8

How to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 7/8:

  • Go to the Control Panel in your windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Type Update in the Search Bar placed in the Top Right Corner
  • You can see the Turn automatic Update On or Off option
  • Enter turn off menu by clicking on this option
  • Go to Important Options and select the option of Never check for updates(Not Recommended)
  • Simply click on Apply/Ok
  • Now your windows update feature is kept as turned off until you turn on this feature
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Advantages of Turning Off Windows Update:

This article will be helpful for you to configure the windows update. 

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