Top 10 Best Methods To SpeedUp Google Chrome Faster On PC/Laptops 5- Times Faster

This are following 10 steps may useful to upgrade/speedup Google Chrome 5x faster then before. By modify some simple settings in chrome for PC and laptop both it works normal then 5x faster. Here u guys going to learn Top 10 methods to fast your Google Chrome.

Chrome is browser using now a days. this browser is provided by Google Inc. compare to all browser is is good option which all common users use it. But chrome is under development by. Google Inc they are fixing all problems and fixing bugs errors upgrading speed of Chrome etc. Google Chrome is universal wed browser.

Make Google Chrome Faster- By Experimental Features (Method 1-4)

Google Chrome it is browser of this generation. Most of them using Google Chrome to use surfing internet. Google Chrome has the functionality to play videos without flash player and https enabled browser. Its the one of the most famous browser for Pc and Smart Phones. But it is slow speed in GPU. So this trick will help you to speedup Google Chrome.

Method 1:GPU Acceleration to make or Speedup google chrome faster

This have low performance video RAM.It allows chrome to create its own VRAM.

  • Hit “CTRL +F”
  • Search for “ignore-gpu-blacklist”
  • Then,clike on “Enable”

Method 2: Faster Image Loading to make Google chrome faster

It will load pages fist i will load images fastly.

Press ” CTRL+F

  • Look up for “Number of raster threads

  • Click on “Enable

Method 3: Faster Close Tabs/Windows to make Google Chrome faster

This will helps to close TABS/windows fastly. you fell old experience with chrome.

  • Press “CRTL+F
  • Find “enable-fast-upload
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  • Click on “Enable

Method 4: Smooth Scrolling to make Google chrome faster

Smooth helps to run chrome smooth with out any disturbance.

  • Gently hit “CTRL+F”
  • Look for “Smooth-scrolling

  • Click on “Enable

Method 5: Disabling the DNS Preloading to make Google Chrome faster

disabling the DNS preloading also make the google chrome faster in some ways. So just disable the DNS preloading in your google Chrome Browser.

  • Go to “Settings” page of chrome browser
  • Click on “Advanced Settings

  • Under “Privacy” option untick this options:
  • Use web page service to help resolve navigational errors
  • Use prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in the address bar
  • Now.”Save the changes

Methods 6: Enable Prefetch Resources to make Google Chrome Faster

Prefetch resources means that it will revoke the save data which has been accidently lost by losing internet connection of any particular page.

  • Open “Settings” page of your chrome browser
  • Go to “Advanced settings

  • Now, Under the “Privacy” option, you will see this options named Prefetch resources to load pages quickly
  • enable it

Method 7: Uninstalling Extensions to make Google faster

Chrome have many extension in-builded with the downloaded package. So you can speed up chrome browser by deleting this extension from it

  • Go to the “Settings“page
  • Click on “Extension

  • Hit that “Dust-bin” button
  • Click on Delete
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Method 8: Clearing Browser Data to make Google Chrome faster:

Your Browsing Data will be running in background without the knowledge of you. SO it will make google chrome to load slowly. Just clear that browsing data to increase the speed of the google chrome.

  • Head over to he “History” page then clear the data
  • Or type as “chrome://history” in your chrome browser to clear the data

  • You can use shortcut “CTRL+H” also to clear data of your browser

Method 9: disabling the Image to make google chrome faster

if you don’t want to load images to the website then simply disable that image. It will help you make google chrome more faster than as normal.

  • In your chrome browser,type “chrome://chrome/setings/content” URL
  • now, hit enter and a page will open
  • Under “Image” section, click “Do not show images”

Method 10: Data saver Google Chrome Extension to make Google chrome faster

Data Saver is a Chrome extension to save data. It is very useful for chrome users to experience faster browsing while using Chrome. It basically boost the internet speed open the web pages.




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