I Tamil Movie Meme Templates HD

I motion picture can be contrasted with an artistic creation. Vikram is the paper, paint, and brush with which Shankar has drawn this photo.P.C.Sreeram and A.R.R have made an extraordinary showing with regards to. Be that as it may, it is one and just Vikram remains as the man of the movie.He has given all his to offer life to Shankar’s storyline.

The film, released on Pongal 2015, tells the story of a bodybuilder turned supermodel, played by Vikram, who after being deformed, exacts revenge upon those who were responsible for his predicament. Critics praised Vikram’s performance, the technical aspects of the film – especially the costume design and makeup, and A.R. Rahman’s soundtrack and score but criticized the ‘wafer-thin’ writing and screenplay and the film’s excessive length (188 minutes). However, the film was a commercial success, grossing ₹2.25 billion (US$35 million) worldwide, becoming the fourth-highest grossing Tamil film and Vikram’s highest-grossing film at the time. Vikram won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Tamil for the movie.

The story seems unsurprising at times.But still, makes the group of onlookers excited with its glory and luxurious visuals. Picture consummate film with a flawless acting by Vikram.Amy Jackson has made a quite reasonable showing with regards to looked at against the youthful cluster of driving women in Tamil film industry.Santhanam’s jokes make the group of onlookers blasted into giggles each time he shows up on screen.

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I Tamil Movie Meme Templates HD

On the eve of Diya’s wedding, another doctor reveals to Lingesan that, contrary to Vasudevan’s claims, he is actually suffering from H4N2 influenza, caused by the “I” virus, which can only be transmitted by injection. He discovers that John, Osma, Indrakumar, Ravi and, to his horror, even Vasudevan, are responsible for injecting the virus into his body. Vasudevan had an insatiable lust for Diya since she was ten years old and was enraged when she chose Lingesan over him. Therefore, he sided with Lingesan’s enemies and planned the entire operation to have Lingesan injected with the virus. Enraged and betrayed, Lingesan abducts Diya on her wedding day and keeps her safely in an old house without revealing his identity to her.

Aided by Babu, Lingesan starts taking revenge on those who had deformed him. He first immolates Ravi, who suffers severe burns. He then prepares a paste which Osma applies on her body, causing her body to sprout huge growths of hair. Next, he subjects Indrakumar to bee stings all over his body. He fights John over a moving train and gets him electrocuted. Finally, he gets Vasudevan to unwittingly inject a virus into himself, causing his whole body to swell up. After achieving his revenge, Lingesan reveals his condition to Diya, who, though initially taken aback, still loves him despite his deformity. They decide to live a secluded life together. Lingesan undergoes ayurvedic treatment, yoga, and physiotherapy for his condition and soon returns to normal.

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