How to Speed Up your Windows 10/8/7 For Fastest Performance

All of you using your Desktop/Laptop with Poor performance or Appearance??? Don’t Worry!!! Here is the solution to speedup windows 10/8/7 by using a simple tricks. You don’t need to download any of the software. You just need to change the default settings. In this article we discussed about the solution of the System performance increasing techniques.

speedup windows 10/8/7

Speedup Windows 10/8/7:

Most of the Windows loading Start Menu & Explorer very slowly. Its because of the Animation processes that encountered at the time of you opening the Start Menu & Explorer Menu. In this step we can Remove this slow time and make it fast

Step 1:

  • Click Windows + R , then type sysdm.cpl and press Enter
  • Click on the Advanced tab, then go to the Settings button in the Performance section
  • Uncheck the box for Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, then click Apply  select OK

In the next step will increase the Startup time (Fast boot). It will also increase the performance of the Windows. You can open these apps after the boot.

Step 2:

  • Open the Task Manager
  • Then go to the Startup
  • Disable the Unwanted Software you don’t need at the time of startup
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Step 3:

  • Keep your windows up to date.
  • It also help you to give better performance
  • Download update automatically recommended personally in my thought

Step 4:

  • Turn off the live tiles in the Start Menu
  • Turning off the live tiles in the start menu will free up the RAM usage
  • Click on Windows Button and Turn the Live tiles in Off mode
    Stop the Background Processes also clean up RAM and speedup your Windows experience. So that, You must need to stop the Background apps without Permission

Step 5: (Windows 8)

  • Press Windows key + I to launch the Settings app
  • head to Privacy > Background apps (at the very bottom)
  • Turn all of these applications off, except for your Settings

Step 6:

  • Delete the Cache Files
  • Cache Files uses the RAM usage in high level
  • So by deleting Cache files you can easily speedup your Windows
  • Use CC Cleaner to delete the Cache Files
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Step 7:

  • Uninstall unwanted Software
  • Go to Control Panel and head to Programs
  • Then uninstall the Unwanted/ Unused programs that installed

Step 8:

  • Scan for Malware/Adware in your computer
  • Malware/Adware slows down your PC heavily
  • You can remove the Malware/Adware just by using the Malware Bytes program

Step 9:

  • Clean up the files in the Drives
  • Mostly in Windows Installed drive need at least 10-25 GB according to your Processor
  • So clean up the files and defragment the drives

Got it!!! i think your Windows got Amazing speed now. Just Share this article with your friends and also surprise them. If you have any doubts feel free to comment Below.

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