Sarahah App: Everything you need to know about it

Sarahah AppDid you ever heard about the Sarahah App??? If the answer is no then you are offline for the last month it seems. Sarahah the most interesting topic nowadays. isn’t it? We are here to discuss the Sarahah app and what is it for? why you need this? is it helpful and worth for you? I’m damn sure that this topic is worthy to talk about. And if they really don’t reveal the identity of their users? Lemme explain it.

What is Sarahah App:

Sarahah App is the app to get constructive anonymous feedback. The developers released for this purpose only. But this app is now being used as an anonymous messaging (Chat) app. The main feature that succeeded this app is anonymous. Yes, they won’t reveal your identity. That’s why this app got so much popular.

How Sarahah get more popular?

The only way can get popular between all type of peoples is by sharing social media and their own friends, that everyone knows. Sarahah is popularised by this methods.

  • Sarahah will create a subdomain for their every user. They need to send the subdomain to their friends or their desired persons to get the feedback or message from them. So everyone will need to share the app.
  • New users also can register for free.
  • The most exciting feature is everyone can leave an anonymous message without any login.

This three things popularised the sarahah app in a quick time.

Sarahah App – How it Works?

If anyone sends their sarahah app’s subdomain to you, then you need to go to that link and can leave your message to them. But it won’t reveal your identity to them whom you sent the message. You also don’t need to login to message to them. If you’re still logged in it will send the message as anonymously. But you can tag your identity. In the receiver end there will receive tab in their app. There you can get the all the inbox messages. Users can flag the message or delete it and also can reply to that message.

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Is it Sarahah useful for you?


Sarahah app is particularly developed to get feedback anonymously from the group of peoples. For example, if you are the Manager of a company or a Dean of a college and you need to get feedback about your company from your staffs. There are barriers (to communication) like position or age, the best thing is to have anonymous feedback. For that purpose, we need Sarahah app. If you have that app then you can just send your subdomain to your staffs and get feedback from them anonymously.

For Friends:

If you need to correct your attitude or lifestyle but you don’t know what you need to correct. So you will ask your friends. People are worried about their privacy. You can use this app to get anonymous replies from your friends to get the correct solution for you from your friends. And this app also can be used for some WhatsApp pranks. xD

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Will Sarahah reveal your identity?

Sarahah app won’t reveal my identity. I can message anonymously. Wait….wait… wait….. is it really sarahah app won’t reveal your identity?

Not sure? Check this below….

Sarahah app will reveal the sender’s identity only if you don’t follow the terms and conditions of Sarahah. The Sarahah Developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq

So, before using Sarahah App be sure you are in limits with the Terms & Conditions.

My Sarahah App is locked. What to do now?

If you tried to log in with the wrong password again and again then the Sarahah system will automatically lock your account for 12 hours. After 12 hours it will be automatically released. So don’t worry. Sarahah team is working to fix this issue. Hope it will be fixed soon.

So you are now in a decision to use the Sarahah app or not. I hope you like this article. Please support us by share this article with your friends

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