How to Rotate Windows Screen in Laptop or Pc

Some people may already faced this problem that was “My Laptop/desktop screen rotated. What can i do now? 

Myself also i faced this problem of my windows screen rotated upside down, when i started using the windows. I thought it was some hotkeys and then tried some of the keys. But nothing worked for me. Finally i got that Shortcut key to rotate my screen of my own. It can be used to rotate windows screen to the 4 sides of Up, Down, Left, Right. It’s the keyboard shortcut of windows operating system. That feature is inbuilded in the operating system of Windows 8, Windows 10. I’ll explain how to rotate the screen

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How to Rotate Windows Screen (Shortcut):

It’s not a big deal to rotate your screen upside down, or rotate 90 Degree. Don’t get afraid of your screen rotated. Just use this shortcut code to make it normal.


Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys

  • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow = Screen will be rotated upside down
  • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow = Screen will be normal
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right Side = Screen will be rotated 90 Degree Right
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Side = Screen will be rotated 90 Degree Left

Use this Keyboard Shortcuts Keys to Rotate your Windows Operating system screen in your Laptop/ Personal computer.

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