How to Remotely Control Computer Using TeamViewer

Hello Guys!!! Here is the tutorial to remotely control computer using this software named TeamViewer. TeamViewer offering remote desktop connection through computer to computer. In the latest version they released new feature to remote desktop connection via Smartphone to computer. Remote Control Computer Using TeamViewer

About TeamViewer:

Teamviewer is the proprietary software used for remote desktop or desktop sharing, file sharing and also for desktop meetings. Teamviewer available in mostly all over operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome OS and android. This remote desktop access is free for non-commercial use and will be use as paid service for Business, Premium, Corporate companies. You must need to run this software in both device you need access from and accessing device

How to Remotely Control computer:

  1. Initially, Install TeamViewer Software from here – Download Link
  2. Install this software in your computer for remote desktop access
  3. After installing this open this software
  4. Now the dashboard will open (You can use this without signup)
  5. There will be 2 sections named 1.Allow Remote Control 2.Control Remote Computer
  6. There you can see Your ID & Pass in the Allow Remote Control Area 
  7. This can be used to control your computer for remote access
  8. In the Control Remote Computer You can use your Partner ID & Password to control their desktop remotely
  9. You can also control desktop for remote access with your Smartphone (You need to download the teamviewer latest version from App store or Play Store)
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Advantages of TeamViewer:

  • One time Install
  • Used this for remote access
  • It can be used for file sharing
  • It will help you to get files in your home desktop
  • Easy access from your Smartphone, Computer, Laptops
  • It’s the best remote desktop app over here
  • Meeting feature also added (can be used for meeting through computers)
  • Unattended access for quick connect with your desired password

Disadvantages of TeamViewer:

  • File sharing is depends on the both remote desktop’s internet connection
  • More high quality contents will lag cause of slow internet connection
  • Anybody can access your computer if they know your password
  • The remote user can delete, modify, read your files at real time
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