Reliance Jio Prime membership: Deadline date, price, tariffs and other

Reliance Jio’s 4G services won’t be free after March 31, 2017. The telecom subscriber already claims to have over 100 million users, in just over seven months since it was launched for the public. But it looks like Jio has no plans of ending the data party anytime soon for its customers, and will be offering a lot more 4G data on the cards for those who sign up for the Jio Prime membership.

Reliance Jio Prime membership costs Rs 99, and those who sign up for it will be able to continue with a data plan similar to “Happy New Year Offer,” where you were getting 1GB data per day. The Reliance Jio Prime membership is active till March 31, 2018, and this will end up being your first recharge for Jio, if you want to continue with the unlimited data offer.

This is a non-refundable fee, so keep that in mind. The Jio Prime recharge can be done from the website or the Jio app.

What happens if I don’t get a Jio Prime membership, before March 31, 2017?

So first up, reports indicate Jio might just increase the deadline for signing up to the Jio Prime service beyond March 31, so there’s a chance you can get this Prime membership even if you miss this first date. But nothing has been confirmed officially.

If you choose not to get the membership, it won’t affect how your Reliance Jio SIM works; the service will continue. But you won’t have access to some of the special data benefits. Given Reliance Jio networks is all about the 4G VoLTE services, it makes sense to get the Jio Prime plan, if you want all that extra data.

What sort of data plans are being offering under Reliance Jio Prime membership?

The difference between Reliance Jio Prime data plans and non-Prime data plans is simple. Jio Prime plans all come with double the data benefits. But it is much more than double data in some cases.

There’s a Rs 303 plan/recharge, which is a monthly one, and it offers unlimited data with an FUP of 1GB data daily. Technically that’s 28GB data for 28 days, with voice calls, etc being free. This plan also has a free ad-on benefit of 5GB data. Compare this to the non-Prime Rs 303 recharge, and all you get is 2.5GB data in that price.

Then there’s a Rs 499 plan in the prepaid scheme, which offers 56GB data for 28 days with a 2GB FUP. This has a 10GB extra data offer as well. If you don’t have Prime membership, then the Jio data limit in the Rs 499 plan is only 5GB for the total period of 28 days. The Rs 999 plan is offering around 60GB of unlimited data, with no daily FUP.

If you go to website, you’ll be able to see the full comparison for all tariffs. The deal is simple Reliance Jio Prime members are getting a lot more data.

Here we’ll try and answer some important questions around the Jio Prime membership, and what happens if you decide to get this.

What’s this Jio Prime “buy one get one free offer”?

Reliance Jio Prime members who go for a recharge of Rs 149, Rs 303 and Rs 499 & above, are being given the benefit of extra data by the company. So if you have Jio Prime, and you go for any of these recharges, then you’re get extra data as an incentive.

Users who recharge with Rs 149 get a free ad-on of Rs 51, which will get them around 1 GB of data. Those who recharge with Rs 303 get extra 5 GB data (this top-up pack usually costs Rs 201). Finally a Rs 499 recharge will get you 10GB of data extra from Reliance Jio.

However, these extra data benefits will be credited to your account from April 1 2017, and these data benefits are not added to your daily FUP limit, but to the overall base plan. So if you recharge with Rs 303, your FUP is still 1GB, but you are getting 5GB data extra per month.

How many top-ups can I get with my Jio Prime before the deadline ends?

Apparently there is no limit on how many top-ups/recharges you can get. According to the Jio website, these “add-on benefits will keep getting added in the consecutive months.” So if you recharge with Rs 303 twice, then the first add-on and recharge will apply from April 1 to April 28, the next one from April 29 to May 26.

For example, if you do six recharges of Rs 303 before March 31, then each of these will get you 5GB data extra, and it will be applied over the course of the next couple of months. Each pack is valid for 28 days and your extra data benefits will also be included in this.

What’s this FUP business with Reliance Jio?

Some of the Reliance Jio packs come with a daily FUP limit of 1GB, which means after you use 1GB of data, your speed will be lowered to 128Kbps. So if you are a consuming a lot of data per day and cross 1GB easily, consider your plan carefully. The Rs 499 plan has a 2GB FUP, so that might be better suited for some users.

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