LongShot App: To take Long Screenshot In Smartphones

LongShot App: This is the app used to take screenshot of the mobile screen. But it’s not normal screenshot app. It will take screenshot of the fullscreen even the below content after scroll we get. So, i think this app will help you better than normal screenshot in mobiles. If you need to screenshot any detailed content then use this app. It having auto scroll and manual scroll feature also.

How to take Long ScreenShot in LongShot App:

  1. Install this LongShot app from this link- Download Here
  2. Install and Open this app
  3. Open this app and Disable the Manual Capture
  4. and Then Enable the Scroll Helper
  5. Then it will asks for turn on Accessibility
  6. Select the Capture Screenshot
  7. Go the desired screen that you need to take screenshot
  8. Click on the StartĀ thenĀ Capture
  9. Then Click on Scroll
  10. Again click on the Capture
  11. After finishing click on Done
  12. That’s all!!! You can join the photos after finish
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