Jump Cuts Tamil Movie Meme Templates HD

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Dual role (also known as a double role) refers to one actor playing two or more roles, which may be deliberately scripted in a play or film, or merely be a by-product of a low budget. In a theatrical production where more than one actor plays multiple characters, it is sometimes referred to as an “Ironman” cast. In film and television, a dual role is commonly used either for comic effect or to depict identical twins

Jump Cuts Tamil Movie Meme Templates HD

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In television, soap operas commonly use the technique to either portray twins (or even similar looking relatives), or to bring an actor back whose character has been killed. This technique is uncommon, although not unheard of, in primetime television. In Friends, Lisa Kudrow plays Phoebe and her twin sister Ursula. David Schwimmer played a character in heavy make-up named Russ, who was a parody of Ross (played by Schwimmer), both of whom appear on screen together. In the Star Trek episode called “Mirror, Mirror”, the officers of the Enterprise switch places with their counterparts from a parallel universe, with the actors playing dual roles. In the third season of Fargo, Ewan McGregor was cast in the lead dual role as twins Emmit and Ray Stussy.

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In some cases of low-budget films, or community theater, actors may play more than one role to save money. In one of Peter Jackson’s early films, Bad Taste, he played two characters; in one scene, one of them tortures the other


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