How to Download Whatsapp Picture and Video Status [No Root]

Download Whatsapp Picture and Video Status: Everyone Use WhatsApp nowadays. Whatsapp is the famous messaging app among the people all over the world. Whatsapp reduced the distance between the relations and friends. It is one of the most used messaging apps today. The developer team of WhatsApp is researching and implementing new features to get everyone to use it.

Whatsapp recently launched the new version with New Status Feature. This new status feature has the ability to see “who viewed your status”. And you can also post Video and Picture status as well. At first, they removed the old status feature. Then they realized their mistake and gave the old status feature also. For More details You can check this article: Whatsapp Old status Feature is Back Again This tutorial will help you to download Whatsapp Status Video or Picture.

Download Whatsapp Status Photo or Video

How to Download Whatsapp Picture and Video Status:

This trick allows you to download the others Whatsapp Status Photo or Video from your mobile. There are 2 methods are here. First one is Download Whatsapp Status Video or Photo by using the mobile settings. And the Second one is by using the app.

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Method 1:

  1. Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp Account
  2. Go to Status option and watch the status you want to download/Save
  3. Then open your File Manager (Use ES File Folder)
  4. Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden Files
  5. Then navigate to Folder: Whatsapp–>Media–>.statuses
  6. There you can see all your WhatsApp contact’s Status
  7. Simply Copy/Move that File and Place in another folder
  8. That’s all!!! You have downloaded your friend’s WhatsApp status Video/Picture

Method 2:

  1. First of all, Download this Application – Download Here

  2. Install this app
  3. First Watch the Status from the Whatsapp Messenger
  4. Then Open this app, there you can see all your WhatsApp contact’s status (Video/Picture)
  5. There is a Download button on the status. Simply click on it, then the status will be saved to your storage
  6. That’s all!! Enjoy downloading your friends WhatsApp Status…..

This article is about to download how to download new WhatsApp status either video or picture. This app mentioned here is independent and it’s not the 3rd Party of Whatsapp Inc. It just shows the Downloaded status from the Whatsapp.

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