What is GodMode? Why we need this?- Explained

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Microsoft is the one of the most user-friendly Operating systems. We still learning some new tricks and tips in the Windows in daily life. But the Power Users and IT Administrator needs behind the curtain of friendly user interface and to customize the operating systems to meet their needs. That there is ‘GodMode‘ Comes in.

GodMode in Windows (Feature Available in Background)

About GodMode:

GodMode is actually a hidden developer shortcut option in Windows 7/8/10 ┬áthat provides more direct access to the most of all features and functions of the operating system. To be clear, GodMode doesn’t add functionality. But it helps administrators work more efficiently by collecting all these tweaks and controls in one place.

The God Mode feature basically offers users easy access to the innumerable features on Windows, as well as the customization options.

It also sorts them into categories, such as Administrative Tools and Display, to make life a lot easier.

If you’re looking to change the resolution of your monitor or alter the task bar’s notification space, it’s all available at a single click thanks to God Mode.

As Windows 10 has shifted maximum features to the Settings screen (and is phasing out the traditional Control Panel slowly), one will be able to access the settings on your PC that exist in the latest OS but are not visible in the new UI or the Settings screen.

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