Change WhatsApp Image After download

we today had come up with something that’s really going interest you. We will give you an App, Most probably many us might have seen in WhatsApp like the image be changed after Download. But How? Whatsapp Tricks

Yes, We will tell you the secret you want to know, You too can do this, as it’s the Simplest ever seen ways, We’ll introduce you an App, I too had seen many images so, and now I got understood how to make those tricky images to Share On WhatsApp.

The best Way, for making such images are by the use of an Application named, Image Preview. Which really can serve you well. The best advantage of the App is that you too can make those Prank Images to fool your friends, so as to be different from them.

The App is Free to Download

Click The Below Link to Download.

After Downloading•••

  1. Open The App
  2. You will be seeing a screen Like this
  3. Now Choose the two Images You wanted to make so, letting you prank Your friends.
  4. And the last step, if done all those things, then Now Tap Share to WhatsApp, soon you will be redirected to WhatsApp.
  5. Enjoy, You can now prank your friends, you can share all those images with friends or companions.
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