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vikram (Jayam Ravi) is an honest cop in Tamil Nadu who tracks down a criminal named Aadhithya Varman (Aravind Swamy), who mysteriously robs jewels and money, and is holding a supernatural power which enables him to switch souls. While interrogating Aadhithya, Vikram’s best friend Prasad (Nagendra Prasad) is killed by Aadhithya, who switched souls into a police officer Sathya (Varun). When Vikram gets tempted and goes to shoot Aadhithya, Aadhithya switches souls again and now takes the role of Vikram and masks the killing of Vikram’s best friend by saying that they both had personal vengeance. After coming to Vikram’s home, Aadhithya (in Vikram’s body) comes across Vikram’s fiancee Mahalakshmi (Hansika Motwani). When Vikram (in Aditya’s body) is surprised to find himself imprisoned, he explains that he is not Aadhithya to the police officer who killed Vikram’s best friend and escapes from the prison. After escaping from the prison, Aadhithya calls the commissioner of the police and tells the mishap of events that occurred. Aadhithya overhears their conversation and kills the commissioner. Aadhithya says that he has a confession video which says that he blamed Aadhithya (Vikram in his body) for saving his father. At the same time, Vikram (Aadhithya) unlocks Vikram’s (himself) police data and takes the video evidence of his father robbing the bank (Aadhithya in his father’s body) and threatens to reveal it to the public, but Vikram does not get scared and contacts Chezhiyan (Nassar) (Aditya’s head in archaeology where he gets the manuscript which gives him his power), and Chezhiyan thinks that he is being cheated and goes to Aadhithya (Vikram’s body), but Aadhithya reveals himself to be in Vikram’s body, and makes Chezhiyan his bait to catch Vikram while in the complex where Vikram was supposed to meet Chezhiyan. When Aadhithya was tracking Chezhiyan, Vikram hides and talks to Chezhiyan who says that Aadhithya’s power is only in his body (in which Vikram is) and in other bodies, his power doesn’t work, so Vikram uses Chezhiyan to take the manuscript from the commissioner’s office. Aadhithya tracks Chezhiyan’s phone and finds and kills him. Vikram (in Aadhithya’s body) goes there and puts a bomb on himself so that Aadhithya may get scared that if his body goes away, he won’t be able to use his powers. Aadhithya and Vikram go to their original bodies and Aadhithya forces Vikram to unlock his bomb but Vikram knocks out Aadhithya and while taking him to arrest, Aadhithya goes to Vikram’s father’s (Aadukalam Naren) soul and beats Vikram; after that Aadhithya goes to Maha’s soul and stars Vikram and threatens to kill Maha if he does not remove his bomb, and so Vikram defuses the bomb, and Aadhithya drives off with Maha. Vikram chases them and ends up on a coast where the duo’s fight until Vikram gets the upper hand and knocks Aadhithya out, and returns with his wife to home. In the end, Aadhithya wakes up again and glares into the screen which goes off with the title “Bogan 2 to be continued”.

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