Baahubali 2 Tamil Meme Templates HD

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Baahubali 2 Tamil Meme Templates HD

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Sivagami sends an emissary to the kingdom of Kuntala, who delivers the marriage proposal in a patronizing way. An insulted Devasena rejects the proposal with a scathing reply. Sivagami is enraged to hear Devasena’s response and sends an order to Amarendra that Devasena is brought to Mahishmati as a captive.The kingdom of Kuntala is attacked by Pindaris, a dacoit-like army. Amarendra, with the help of Devasena’s maternal uncle, Kumara Varma (Subbaraju), is able to nullify the attack and save Kuntala. Amarendra reveals who he is, promises Devasena that he will protect her honor no matter what and convinces her to come with him to Mahismati as his future bride.Upon reaching Mahismati, the misunderstanding comes to light. When Sivagami delivers an ultimatum to Amarendra that he must either chose the throne or Devasena, he chooses Devasena. Bhallaladeva is crowned king and Amarendra is made the new commander-in-chief. During the coronation ceremony, the citizens of Mahishmati clearly display their preference for Amarendra over Bhallaladeva.

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At Devasena’s baby shower, Bhallaladeva relieves Amarendra of his duties as commander-in-chief so that Amarendra can be with his wife. Devasena immediately speaks out against the King’s manipulation and the mute inaction of Sivagami. Due to further clashes, Devasena and Amarendra are banished from the Palace. Amarendra and Devasena live happily among the people. Bhallaladeva notices that to the people, Amarendra is their king, and hatches a plot with his father Bijjaladeva (Nassar) to convince Sivagami that Amarendra is trying to assassinate him. Sivagami convinced that Bhallaladeva’s life is under threat and open action would result in factions and civil war, orders Kattappa to assassinate Amarendra. Kattappa, bound by his word to serve the Queen, lures Amarendra by feigning he is in trouble, and then stabs him in the back and kills him.

 Baahubai 2  Tamil Meme Templates HD

Movie: Baahubali 2: The Conclusion


Casting: Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati

Director: S.S. Rajamouli

The film was released in conventional 2D as well as in IMAX format on 28 April 2017 in about 9,000 screens worldwide. The film was initially released in most Gulf countries including the UAE a day earlier, on 27 April 2017. The Telugu version of the film was insured against financial loss by Future Generali for ₹ 200 crores.Baahubali 2: The Conclusion set a record collection of ₹500 crore (₹5 billion) before the release of the film through satellite and theatrical rights.G.Sampath of The Hindu criticized the film noting the centrality of a Kshatriya ethic, which valorises a certain caste hierarchy. He wrote that ‘If a Hindutva advocate had wanted a propaganda film showcasing the splendors of ancient India, he could not have asked for anything better.


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