Automatic Download for Unlimited Internet on Jio (2-5 am)

Automatic Download for Jio: Most of us using Jio 4G network in india. They offered totally unlimited internet at first. Then they capped the speed after 4GB. Even after it was decreased to 1GB per day. But still we having the Unlimited Internet facility at Night (2-5am only). But the problem is we cant awake till the 2am at night. So here is your Solution to Automatic downloader for Jio unlimited hours (2-5am). The automatic download for jio is Advanced download manager. Lemme explain it brieflyautomatic downloader for jio

How to set Automatic download for Jio (2-5am):

  1. First of all, Download the Advanced Download Manager –Click Here
  2. Then Install and Open it
  3. Click on Menu >> Settings >> Planning       advanced download manager planning
  4. Tick the Check box on Download Files(on a schedule)
  5. Choose Start time as 02.00am and Stop time as 05.00am
  6. Now start download the file which you want
  7. Pause the download
  8. Leave the app to run in background and also Kept the Mobile internet as ON (App need to run background to download the files)
  9. Your download will start at the selected time and stops the download in stop time (If any unfinished download it exist at the stop time the download will be paused)
  10. Thats all!!! Enjoy the Unlimited Internet….
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About Advanced Download Manager:

  • Simple app with lots of features
  • Accelerated download Speed with multithreading
  • Can download straightly to the SD card
  • Resuming of Interrupted Downloads
  • Download files in the queue
  • Can automate download with Start and Stop time (Planning)
  • Loader for Image, Document, Archives, Programs
  • Also Support files larger than 2GB

We can simply call the app as Automatic Download for Jio app. Because it’s useful to download large files more than 1GB at the night while we having 1GB FUB per day. So use this app and feel free to comment about this trick.

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